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Clubster NHL has implemented a specific action programme dedicated to the emergence and support of cooperative research projects led by or implemented by regional stakeholders in nutrition/ health sectors, in cooperation with European stakeholders.
Clubster NHL & Eurasante teams benefit from expertise in the implementation, coordination, and participation of European projects, especially within the framework of the Interreg cross-border and transnational programmes.

In these projects, Clubster NHL has two main tasks:

  • to support and to promote research, such as the Interreg IMODE project, the objective of which is to develop new innovative pharmaceutical formulations of DM loaded with bioactive molecules;
  • to support for the international development of nutrition and health startups and SMEs, such as the Interreg SEAS 2 GROW project which set up a cross-border accelerator allowing innovative companies in the Two Seas area to cocreate and test their innovations for ageing well across four countries .

Clubster NHL is very active in setting up and supporting the development of European projects (Interreg, H2020) directly involving the cluster or its members.

Ongoing European projects on nutrition and health involving Eurasanté and Clubster NHL


INTERREG France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen – 3D4Med – Development of individualised 3D implants in new polymer-shaped memory materials to improve patient care.

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INTERREG 2 Seas – 3DMED – Development and integration of 3D printing for better patient care

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INTERREG 2 SEAS – AGE’IN – Housing and public space adaptation and social isolation prevention

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INTERREG North-West Europe – AgriWasteValue – Implementation of a new value chain for the valorization of agricultural residues

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INTERREG France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen – BIOPROD – Production and formulation of low toxic biopesticides

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INTERREG North-West Europe – Boost4Health – Foster globalization of life sciences SMEs

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INTERREG 2 Seas – CoBra – Development of a new medical robot for diagnosis and treatment of localized cancers

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INTERREG 2 SEAS – DERMA – Innovative biomaterials to heal and manage dermal ulcers and dermal wounds

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INTERREG 2 Seas – IMODE – Innovative MulticOmponent Drug dEsign (Advanced materials and pharmaceutical technologies)

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NTERREG France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen – ISAID –Innovative Platform for self-determination and social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities

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INTERREG France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen – Mat(t)isse– 3D matrices reinventing breast reconstruction

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INTERREG France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen – MDTex – Federating actors in the cross-border area around medical textile devices

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INTERREG 2 Seas – MONUMENT – More nurturing and more empowerment nested in technology

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INTERREG France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen – PATHACOV – Early diagnosis of human diseases through analysis of VOC in exhaled breath

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Peer2Scale-Health, an HORIZON 2020 project, is a peer-learning action between four regional health agencies acting as clusters.

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INTERREG 2 SEAS – SEAS 2 GROW – Accelerate innovation in Silver Economy

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INTERREG EUROPE – SILVER SMEs – Support regional SMEs involvement towards the silver economy sector

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INTERREG France Channel England – SMARTHEALTH – Franco-british support programme for e-health SMEs

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INTERREG 2 SEAS – TICC – Transforming Integrated Care in Community

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These European projects are also a unique opportunity to create solid relations with nearly 140 partners from seventeen countries with experience to support its members in submitting applications for this type of highly competitive project.